Why clean a parking lot?

A clean and well maintained parking lot projects the image of success to patrons, while a dirty lot takes away from the beauty of the building and patrons might hesitate from entering. Sweeping the sand, dirt and debris off your lot helps the interior of your building to stay clean and helps prolong the life-span of your flooring.

Storm water runoff is becoming a major factor in our environment and by keeping your parking lot free from dirt and debris will help to minimize these pollutants from entering the drainage systems and into our water ways.

The life of your pavement will be shortened if the sand, dirt and debris is not removed, it quickly starts to deteriorate the paving material costing more in the long run by replacing the pavement verses maintaining it.


  • Hand blowing of walkways, foundations and curbs
  • Sweeping of all parking areas, driveways and roadways
    • Construction Clean-up
    • Spring Clean-up
    • Maintenance Programs: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, monthly
  • Equipment
    • Tennant 830 II
      • Small street sweeper
      • Wet dust suppression system
    • Tennant 800
      • Large out-door area sweeper
      • Works in underground garages

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