Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sweep parking lots during winter months? Depending on the weather conditions we do run our sweepers year round as needed.
What hours can my property be swept? If there is noise restriction in your area we will only be limited to certain times. We take into consideration the surrounding areas of the property to be swept (if there is residential areas surrounding the property we will not sweep in the middle of the night out of consideration.)
What should I expect with power sweeping? Our machines are designed to pick up trash (e.g. cigarette butts, paper, sand, small rocks). They are not built to pick-up large debris or liquids. Unfortunately the sweepers do not remove stains from surface, however, you can have the spots power washed. A dump site is required by the owner of the property, if no dump site is provided a dump fee will be charged.
When does the crack fill and sealcoat season end and why? Typically we go as long as the weather permits, once the ground temperatures drop below 45 degrees F we wrap it up for the season.
What is done to prepare the driveway or parking lot for the sealcoat? Any crack filling, oil priming, cleaning or power washing will be done before sealcoat is applied.
Why am I seeing the crack filler through the sealcoat? You will be able to see crack fill through the sealcoat because the texture of the crack filler is smoother than the texture of the driveway or parking lot. This is unavoidable if you want your driveway protected.
What is the difference between Hot Rubberized crack fill and Cold Pour crack fill? Hot Rubberized: (is what we use)
  • Applied hot and be driven on when it is cool.
  • Remains flexible and expands and contracts with movement in the pavement.
  • Developed for high traffic applications such as driveways and parking lots.

Cold Pour:

  • Not as flexible which will allow the filler to pop out easier.
What are my responsibilities to prepare for work to be done? All vehicles need to be removed from driveway, parking lot and garages prior. Keep children and pets off of the driveway while we are on site and for the appropriate time afterward. Turn OFF sprinkler systems.
What about weather delays? We will not crack fill or sealcoat your driveway or parking lots if it is raining or forecasted to rain because it will compromise the job. You will be notified and re-scheduled as soon as possible.
Why are there tire marks? This is normal. They will gradually fade over a 2-4 week period. Tire marks on crack filled areas take longer 1-2 months to fade.
What is your payment policy? We require 25% down prior to any work being completed and then the balance due when work is completed. We will send invoices out when project is complete showing your balance. We do accept VISA and MasterCard if this is a better option for you, however, if paid by credit card a 3% fee is added to your invoice.