Why is crack filling important?

Asphalt damage is caused by many factors such as: gas, oil, sun, oxidation, salt, water penetration and hot/cold weather. Cracks are ugly and once they start they grow quickly and if the cracks become too large, the asphalt may have to be replaced rather than repaired. Crack filling prevents water from entering and weakening the base and/or sub-base of the parking lot therefore preventing further deterioration. Making sure that the cracks are properly prepared before filler is inserted is very important in order for the filler to adhere. Crack filling should be done annually.


  • Depending on the parking lot we use the following to make sure cracks are clean and free from moisture prior to crack filling
    • Power Sweeping
    • Billy Goat Grazor
    • Hot Air Lace (Crack Jet II)
    • Power Blowers
    • Hand Brooms
  • Hot Asphalt Crack filler is then used
  • Dry time varies depending on the ambient temperature

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